What is V3PN? V3PN is Voice and Video over a secure IPsec VPN tunnel using strong encryption.  V3PN is available in expensive dedicated hardware solutions that involve hours of both installation and configuration that requires dedicated internet connections.  V3PN.com is an easy to use soft version.

V3PN.com simplifies V3PN services by bundling state of the art IPSec with IKEv2 VPN technologies and VideoChat software on the VPN server.

VPN to the Chat Server No other video chat or messaging service offers a direct VPN connection to a dedicated server running the online meeting software.  This system allows every participant to connect via VPN to the video chat server protecting the entire session from prying eyes.

Shared private cloud, virtualized your “domain name” servers, and dedicated servers located in a fully certified datacenter.

Easy for patients. V3PN works with any device and uses publicly available software apps and backend software.  We do not modify and distribute custom software and ask you to install it.  Most devices can use this service without any special software.   Your data security is important to us and we do everything we can to keep it away from prying eyes and data brokers that want to sell your data forever.

Services are available as either a shared service or a dedicated service with custom or vanity DNS using your domain. Site modifications are also available.

Encrypted peer 2 peer Audio and Video Chat with controlled Desktop Sharing, healthy device compatibility, works with firefox and chrome browsers on any computer. Mac and IOS users only require login credentials and the long-trusted and secure Wireguard app will make life easier for windows and Andriod users. Mobile apps are available for Apple, Android, and F-Droid devices. Group sessions use our dedicated hardware and are safe from cloud hackers. Powered by Jitsi Meet a well respected opensource project [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v04wnApj1vs[/embedyt] Today it is important to always use a VPN based in the United States that supports only current standards. We developed v3pn.com for connecting not just at chat time but at all times. V3PN is compatible with firefox, chrome, and has both android, f-droid, and IOS apps.

Mobile Apps:

Powered by Jitsi Meet

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